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February 24, 2009


Andrew Kang Bartlett

Well, since you asked...
I went home, the kids were wearing beads, my 14-year-old wanted us to order pizza ("for Fat Tuesday!" or whatever might work), I tried to convince my family to go celebrate with CCC folk at their Fat Tuesday party at Clifton Pizza-without luck, so I ordered a pizza from Boom Bozz, and we enjoyed each others' company.

Last night, was a deep connection with birth and death, dipping hand into the baptismal font followed by ash smeared on forehead, "Remember you come from dust and to dust you will return." Beauty in darkness.

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Usually Easter in my family only eat fish and vegetables by tradition also some desserts that are on the season

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I think it's important to keep this kind of tradition in the home also repeat this date every year

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