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April 29, 2008



Thanks for the info!


I love the new blog! Thank you for the helpful information. I've been wondering about whether or not to switch to a metal bottle, but glass seems like a great option. Is your bottle specifically a water bottle, or is it okay to reuse a glass bottle that was created for other purposes, e.g. a juice bottle?

Adam Fischer

Noelle - I am using a glass bottle that used to hold tea. From what I have read and come across glass can be used as many times as anyone wants, so you should be able to pick out a bottle of juice, tea, water, or most anything else. In selecting my bottle I first selected an olive oil bottle because of its interesting shape, but I then thought it could be difficult to clean and selected a wider mouthed botttle of tea. I made a carrier/cushion for my new bottle out of hemp. I will post the pattern and pictures later in the week.


Thanks, Adam!

Well Water Testing

Good for you. I only prefer drinking my tap water to bottled water too. In the end, water is water and it all does the same thing. Some people claim that their water may not be safe but if they think that, they can just get it tested. Its a simple process that will let you know if your water is okay to drink or if you have something to worry about.

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