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April 23, 2009



OK, here's my question from conversations at our local church - the denomination called on all members to live carbon neutral lives. But what about churches? And what kind of resources can we get in terms of steps to take? Not the magazine's focus on new buildings - we won't have money for a new building for fifty years. What can we do this week, this month and next year?


My green living practices include: eating much more veggies than meat; using programmable thermostat (usually at 65 winter and 75 summer though lower and higher when not at home - windows open when reasonable); lower water heater temperature setting (off when not at home for days); energy efficient furnace (change filters regularly), air conditioner, appliances; use of sun for warming and blinds for cooling; compact florescent bulbs and other florescent bulbs; light timers and dimmers; restricted water flow devices and attention to water waste; vegetable and flower gardening with natural insecticides and fertilizers; recycling nearly everything; limit driving trips where possible (now have Hybrid vehicle); full dishwasher loads (when used); full washing machine loads (cold when possible); regularly pick up trash when walking; reusable shopping bags; volunteer community landscape maintenance.

My church recycles and just hosted an open computer drop off event for the community - it was well attended.

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