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Mike Poteet

Although you meant it as a joke, if we are truly integrating our thinking and praying and living, then we may very well start seeing house plants turned into burning bushes, and even greater things than that! :-)

Glad to see the new blog is up and running, and looking forward to more!

David Gambrell

Thanks, Mike. There was an intriguing line at the end of yesterday's daily lectionary reading (Jesus healing the healing a person with leprosy and a paralyzed man): "they glorified God and were filled with awe, saying, 'We have seen strange things today!'" (Luke 5:26). May we see such strange things in the church and world!


Reading from Habakkuk this week concludes with the verse: "And the righteous live by faith." - as opposed to the proud who live by reliance upon their own strength:
but supplication (in this case the antithesis of pride/arrogance) shapes the believing, the truly righteous.

David Gambrell

I do like Prosper's original phrasing: the law of begging. It seems to me a very Reformed way of emphasizing our utter reliance on God's grace.

Anyway, good connection. Thanks. That's the RCL reading for Sunday, Oct. 31, right? Way to work ahead, RevBug!

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