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Mike Poteet

I think the "try it every Sunday for a year" commitment would be a great one! I am not optimistic that many churches would sign on, but if I can help with any writing, I'd be glad to. I would like nothing more than for "World Communion Sunday" to become obsolete because we have rejoined the vast majority of Christians in actually celebrating Eucharist every week....!

What, specifically, are you looking for -- texs linked to the Mission Yearbook? (I'd need to get my hands on one if so.) Let me know your guidelines and I'll see what I can pen for you!

David Gambrell

Thanks, Mike. Amen to that.

I'm just looking for good eucharistic prayers -- theologically solid, liturgically shaped, with evocative language, a global sense of mission, and not too long! And ideas for incorporating global song into the eucharistic liturgy. The texts wouldn't necessarily have to be linked to the Mission Yearbook; at this point, I don't think the schedule for 2011-2012 is available.

I'll write up a set of guidelines, though. That's a good idea.

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