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David Gambrell

It seems to me that the second reading for Baptism of the Lord (Acts 10:34-43) has a lot to say to us on this occasion: "preaching peace by Jesus Christ," Jesus as healer, risen from the dead, ordained by God to judge and forgive.

Just as important as preaching about the event, however, is how we pray in the wake of something like this. Do we grieve as those who have no hope (1Thess. 4) or do we bear witness to the resurrection and Christ's saving power? Do we boldly claim the gospel promises of peace and reconciliation: thy kingdom come, thy will be done? Do we pray for the perpetrator and his family as well as victims and their families? I was grateful for excellent, faithful examples of such prayer, both in the church where I worship and in chapel at the Presbyterian Center this week.

Paul Seebeck

I was in church on Sunday and the Arizona shootings weren't mentioned until the prayers of the people about 45-minutes into service. It left me feeling rather disjointed - as if the church wasn't integrated into what was being experienced and what was happening in moment.

Charles Wiley

I wonder if part of it is a lack of knowing what to say--a sense that is good in many respects. Sometimes we are too quick to want to provide an "answer" to a difficult situation, and it is a good instinct to hold off sometimes. But there must be a way to address it without "answering" it.

Charles Wiley

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