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So many changes taking place in so many churches (and nations) currently. Mark 3:24, Jesus states "If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand" - We as Christians need to look past the chaos that divides us against each other and keep our eyes on the kingdom. Not be arrogant that our own interpretations or philosophies are superior to our neighbors...just rejoice that our church as well our neighbors church is growing in Christianity.
Maybe if this verse was in more meetings when policies were being argued - the leaders could read this scripture together and be as stopped in their tracks at the implication this scripture has as I am. People want to hear about hope and salvation and more church leaders, pastors of many different congregations preach the wrath that will result in all we do wrong. I would love to see a church make a committment to never preach the wrath for doing wrong and only preach the hope and salvation and love that is found in doing good things. The people flocked to Jesus because He had hope and told wonderful stories of what was to come. I dunno. it's curious. so much more to say but better that I start doing. I enjoy your blog very much.

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