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Mike Poteet

David -- This is an insightful and refreshing way to think of the task of ordering worship. I may steal this for adult education (or even kids' education) someday!

(As an aside, I still think a strong case can be made, especially by Reformed Christians, for putting the confession with the Word, as a response to the proclamation -- the Word convicts us of our sin -- maybe John 8.24 connects here, as well as 14.6? But that is just an aside -- not to take away from your formulation -- perhaps, as you say, "obvious," but you've said it very well!)

David Gambrell

Thanks, Mike! Steal away ... (or as the old spiritual says) steal away, steal away to Jesus.

Interesting connection with John 8:24: "... for you will die in your sins unless you believe that I am [he]." Thanks for pointing that out.

Rev. Monica Gould

I will borrow your final statement and quote it in our church newsletter and for the session meeting. Because 'deep in the bones of worship' is the singular reason for coming to worship, the great I AM. If you have any suggestions on further enhancing the joy and gift of worship through liturgy or the order I am interested in reading more. peace.

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