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May 29, 2007


Brad Wilson

I mean no disrespect for the farmers in Africa and the US in this film, but they're wrong about subsidies causing cheap prices. Oxfam and mainline churches got this wrong here, and therefore taught people to advocate for false solutions. The problem is very real. The policy cause is a lack of price floors and supply management. For proof and more info, click on my name. You'll see that African American cotton farmers in the US are with me (FSLC-LAP), as is the "Africa Group" at WTO, as is La Via Campesina (200,000,000 members, 140 countries). We must get this correct and advocate correctly this time. We can't waste another farm bill, as the African farmer makes clear. PS: at YouTube I have a video (Food Movement 1985) talking about how US farmers couldn't feed their families due to US policies. Today our biggest crisis is in dairy.

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