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February 01, 2010



BBC - Monday, Radio 4, 9-9.30pm
Costing the Earth - The New Diggers. Available on iPlayer

"In 1649 the chaos of the English Civil War inspired a group that declared our land to be a common treasury and began to plant fruit and vegetables on common land in southern and central England. It was a response to a shortage
of food and what the Diggers saw as the misuse of productive land by the large landowners.

Alice Roberts meets the new Diggers - groups and individuals across the country determined to tackle the looming food crisis by making the wasteland grow.
Alice Roberts asks if this grassroots revolution will produce enough food to
feed Britain. Will it transform the shape of our countryside and the look of our towns?"

Also this: "Climate change and food shortage issues prompt Lancashire town to consider growing edible crops in public

A Lancashire town is experimenting with using traditional floral displays, including hanging baskets and herbaceous borders, to grow slightly less colourful but more practical greens."

And this:
"A village on the western fringes of Hampshire is well on the way to becoming the first in England to defy the power of the supermarkets by achieving communal self-sufficiency in food."

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