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April 15, 2010


Jan Happel

I find the title somewhat offense. The author appears a little urgent for a title, so he attacks Jamie Oliver. The "Revolution" wording in Jamie Oliver's TV show is about getting children and adults on eating correctly in America, not Cuba. Your title should leave Jamie Oliver out of this. He's doing a good service by pointing out the "bad" in America's food supply. Cuba grows correctly by default, which may or may not be unfortunate. Their food supply, while low, may be healthier than ours. America is now thriving on GMO's and pesticides, unless you grow and eat organically. Jamie Oliver is using the television media to get peoples attention to this food disaster of eating badly and growing badly. Please change your title and come up with something a little more Cuba sustainable.

Jordan AJF8

r u often luxuriating in sunshine in the garden?

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