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April 23, 2010


Eileen Schuhmann

Hmmm. Organic corn puffs, although they're not my favorite.


Your question is really a loaded question. The real question is, How are we going to feed an ever growing population? We need to utilize all the technology possible to feed this growing population. Don't be scared of the science, base you decision on facts, not fears.

Andrew Bartlett

On that point, you may be interested in this article that just came in related to feeding the world.

The final paragraph is: "Ultimately, tackling global hunger and poverty requires more than a focus on production technologies. The bigger, more fundamental challenge today is about restoring fairness and democratic... See more control over our food systems. This requires strengthening local food economies, increasing small-scale farmers’ control of seed and land, and —importantly — breaking up corporate monopolies in agriculture and establishing fairer regional and global trade arrangements."


hm i would rather eat the ear of corn, but thinking about it in terms of jobs...probably would feel better about the organic cereal. it's hard to figure out the "priorities" of eating when every situation/choice is so different.

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