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March 27, 2011



One important information is missing here:
Ousted president Marc Ravalomanana was also Vice-President of the Malagasy Presbyterian Church, and the wealthiest/most influencial businessman in Madagascar.

Madagascar is a religious island for sure, and religious matters are important for the ordinary people. Malagasy politicians know very well about that, and President Ravalomanana used FJKM (Malagasy Presbyterian Church) as a political support base.

I don't think mixing religion and politics so tightly is a good thing.

Ravalomanana was ousted because of his devastating business appetite. And a transition government was put in place. It should not have lasted more than a year, but Ravalomanana supporters did everything they could to make crisis last longer, because they thought Catholic Coup Lead Rajoelina would not resist enduring protests.

Now that there are good chances that this crisis reaches an end, it would be a criminal move to make it fail.

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