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  • Ray Jones is the Coordinator for Evangelism for the Presbyterian Church (USA). He has served the church as a pastor for twenty-five years. He has a heart for helping people grow in the love of God in Jesus Christ. This growth always includes our words and deeds. He is married and has two grown daughters. He has experienced training and education at Furman University, Columbia Theological Seminary, the church, and through living in the world.

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Dear Ray,

My name is Dave Burgess and I am midway through the Gospel and Culture sequence at CTS. I was curious to learn more about the Tangible Kingdom class you are teaching in February. I cannot find your email address, so I thought I would leave a message on your blog.

My main interest is church revitalization and I believe it is where God is calling me to be. I am not sure if this class deals exclusively with planting. I am hoping to find some time to touch base.



Ray, I met you in Atlanta at "The Big Tent" and attended your workshops this summer. I'm glad I found your blog. I'm an NCD Pastor in North Philadelphia although I feel like it's also a revitalization project because we are out of a former PCUSA church. It's a good thing for us though because the building is in front of a park, the building is a huge asset. You have to see it in order to know what I'm talking about. Enough about the building. Your blog, especially your statement about "the starting point" reminds me of what one of my leaders shared with some of Presbytery Associates-my bosses. He said, "Adan, is showing me God--and you (meaning Presbytery Associates) are showing me the church." I took it as a compliment but then wondered about the other side if the coin. "Am I not showing the church?"

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