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  • Ray Jones is the Coordinator for Evangelism for the Presbyterian Church (USA). He has served the church as a pastor for twenty-five years. He has a heart for helping people grow in the love of God in Jesus Christ. This growth always includes our words and deeds. He is married and has two grown daughters. He has experienced training and education at Furman University, Columbia Theological Seminary, the church, and through living in the world.

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Great questions. How do we live the faith - not just "learn" or participate? How do we become "Material Christians" - Christians who do the change that Jesus called for as opposed to "Spiritual Christians" who feel and accept the love of Jesus, but don't necessarily see action as the outward sign of that (I know these two classifications are not mutually exclusive.)
The next step is how do we reach out - without creating a program our church leaders can implement - and mentor each other. Jesus led us "on The Way". A journey. And that "Way" is walked together.
I am so thankful for those who walk with me on this journey, I don't yet have an answer for how to help others do that.
Of course "they'll know we are Christians by our love" comes to mind - but it is in the doing and inviting others to do, that I think a movement begins.
Great thoughts Ray. I'm so glad for you.

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