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November 09, 2007


Fran Lane-Lawrence

:)!!!! Great!

Rose Eileen Niles

Thanks for your Kuumba Creativity and energy of positive connectivity!


Glad to have yet another GAC-staffer in the blogosphere--welcome!

I have to confess that I have not done nearly as good a job as Kelsey (my predecessor) in keeping up the NNPCW blog, but I have been renewed as of late in my endeavor to make it an arena for connectedness and creativity. The creation of your blog is an encouragement for me to keep it up. Thank you!

Scott Gepford

This is really good. I'll have to check it out often! If u can add my e-mail address somehow so I receive new entries go ahead and do that (s.gepford@insightbb.com).

I find often find myself trying to reconcile my being a seminary graduate with my current vocation (driving a semi-truck). There's no obvious correlation between the two with the possible exception being that seminary requires a thoughtful, reflective approach whereby answers to the question of life and living are pursued theologically and driving a truck allows for plenty of time to reflect on life, be that theologically or whatever. Whenever I'm facing a challenge in my work I often turn to my faith for strength, so my seminary background can help me in that way. In terms of the question, am I doing the work God wants me to do? That's a tough call other than to say that I find enjoyment in what I do and hopefully I'm contributing to society in a positive way!

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